A marketplace for affordable healthcare.

HEALTHdrum is a healthcare marketplace that connects providers with customers to facilitate direct pay solutions for routine health issues.

Some 27.4 million non-elderly individuals were without health insurance in 2017. There is no easy way for these folks to access the healthcare marketplace at affordable rates.

Health plans are complex, penalize the individual, lack cost-transparency and, have endless barriers, rules, restrictions, limitations and exclusions. 

Worse still, plans often come with large co-pays and high deductibles and most healthy people never reach their deductible limits in order for their 70-80 percent insurance coverage to kick-in. These folks simply pay for all of their routine healthcare and the cost of the health plan.

Also, the odds of you needing the full benefit of a high-deductible plan (depending upon health and age) is low at less than 10 percent and suggests that many pay for coverage they never use. Furthermore, there is no free lunch. The more you use your insurance plan the more likely you are to get hit back with cost increases and restrictions.

Currently, most patients, employers and providers feel the pain of having to jump over all sorts of needless and nasty hurdles just to enter this costly assembly-line of healthcare. Realigning with health insurance plans covering only catastrophic benefits may help put the brakes on the incredible waste and runaway costs in healthcare.

We started HEALTHdrum in Florida in 2020 so you can connect and engage with providers for affordable, direct pay care without a mountain of rules and surprise billing. 


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