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Junk Science and Junk Healthcare

Defrauding the public and committing health robbery
Junk Science and Junk Healthcare Junk science describes so-called scientific information that isn’t supported by undisputed facts. Junk healthcare describes healthcare management and treatments that are not supported by evidence-based data despite being labelled as standard-of-care. Both junk science...

Health Insurance Sickens Healthcare

Health insurance is broken and needs a cure
Health Insurance Sickens Healthcare Healthcare is a terminal illness for America’s governments and businesses – Clayton Christensen, “The Innovator’s Prescription”.  Health insurance for catastrophic care makes sense. Health insurance emerged in the 1920s and makes sense to hedge against the cost...

Why Let Your Health Insurance Plan Play Doctor?

When your doctor says yes but your insurance plan says no
Why Let Your Health Insurance Plan Play Doctor? The health insurance industry has stripped the autonomy of doctors, patients and employers. Routine office-based care is affordable. Sadly, both patients and employers are generally over insured and over pay because the health insurance industry is the only insurance...