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Making High Deductible Plans More Attractive for your EmployeesSave by offering high deductible plans while helping your employees stretching their deductible dollar with discounts for great helthcare.CASH PRICE CARE PUTS YOU IN CONTROL AND SAVES MONEY.
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Benefits of Free Market Healthcare for Routine Care

  • Cut health costs by moving health benefits to high-deductible plans or true catastrophic care plans.
  • HSA/HRA/FSA contributions or alternatives help offset employee out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.
  • HSA/HRA/FSA usage by employees incentivizes them to budget for and manage routine healthcare costs.
  • Customer directed care encourages the adoption of preventive care practices and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • No controlling networks.
  • Limits the wrangling and comparing of health plans that are confusing by design.
  • Limits burdensome health plan rules.
  • Abandons need for tiering of health benefits into different price classes.
  • Part-time employees and gig workers get access to affordable, as-needed, cost transparent care.
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See What Your Peers Say

Samuel-testimonial“I couldn’t deal with the inevitable yearly insurance premium increases and restrictions. With HEALTHdrum we can see the cost and get as-needed routine care.” - Samuel, Miami
Analisa-testimonial“Health insurance plan costs and rules are outrageous. With HEALTHdrum I know what my costs are and I don’t have to deal with restrictions.” - Analisa, Miami
Chamberlain-testimonial“As a part time worker I was never offered health benefits. With HEALTHdrum, my family and I can access affordable care when we need it.” - Chamberlain, Ft. Lauderdale


HEALTHdrum adds flexibility and healthcare options to your benefits package. More costly and catastrophic care can still go through insurance. Download our Info Sheet and show your team how self pay for routine care cuts health plan control and costs.
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Because of deductibles, copays and restrictions most employees still have considerable out-of-pocket expenses even for routine care Sign them up for HEALTHdrum to help stretch their deductible dollars with discounts and strategies Help other save and get great care with discounted pricing
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