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Just You and Your DoctorDealing with high deductibles? Find discounts for great healthcareTAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTHCARE. YOUR BODY, YOUR RULES.
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See the cost, get the care

See the costCost transparency No surprises Affordable
OnlineNo referrals No preexisiting No controlling networks
As neededNo artifical roadblocks On demand Open access
Cash price care without insurance-based costs and rules Ideal for part-time workers, gig workers, and others who want to control their routine care needs Reserve health plans for unlikely bad stuff - not for affordable routine care

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1. Search for Doctors, Tests, Treatments
2. Compare Cash Price
3. Request Appointment
4. Cash Pay and Save
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Appointment RequestAppointment Request
Appointment ConfirmationAppointment Confirmation

See What Your Peers Say

Lisa-testimonial“I had it with all the rules, referrals, networks and surprise bills.” - Lisa, Boca Raton
Stan-testimonial“I didn’t want to pay for a costly insurance plan. I wanted to pay a reasonable cost for care when I needed it.” - Stan, Hallendale
Robert-testimonial“As a part time worker I was never offered health benefits. With HEALTHdrum, my family and I can access affordable care when we need it.” - Robert, Lighthouse Point
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