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Why let non-medical intermediaries practice medicine,
make you get approvals, give you denials and profit
from your expertise?

Cut free from the red tape and middlemen.
reclaim your profession.

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Direct Pay Care Benefits

Cash pay patients help cut
administrative costs and friction

Self PayHealth Insurance Plan
Administration costsminimal$$$$
No network problems
No complex coding needs
No authorizations/referrals
No claims filing
No payment delays
Big Margins
Low Friction
Small Margins
Major Friction

Why connect with HEALTHdrum?

By working with HEALTHdrum, the self pay market and self-funded employers,
you can make better margins fast, cut overhead and bypass red tape.
You can also continue to help those with health plans.

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Quick pay

Less overhead

No third party payor claims review


No referrals

No pre-authorizations

No second opinion needs


No complex coding needs

No artificial rules

No denials

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See What Your Peers Say

“My blood would boil every time I had to get an authorization from some non-medical individual working for the health insurance industry. They were playing doctor. With HEALTHdrum I’m back to being the doctor and practicing medicine.”

- Linda, Tamarac

“Intermediaries and gatekeepers in the health insurance industry have made my life a living hell. Many of my colleagues have suffered from physician burn out because of it. We don’t have these problems with HEALTHdrum.”

- Samuel, Miami

“About 70% of my income goes to practice overhead. An overhead that’s caused by playing with health insurance plans and their burdensome rules of engagement. These have disappeared with HEALTHdrum.”

- Judith, Deerfield

Who can connect with HEALTHdrum?

Physicians/DOs, specialists, urgent care
Imaging, laboratories, rehab centers
Physician assistants, nurse practitioners
Dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, optometrists, audiologists and many others

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Come join the HEALTHdrum community and reclaim your profession
Bypass the red tape and profiteering middlemen

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Let's work together and bring routine healthcare back to being between just the doctor and the patient

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