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HEALTHdrum is a platform to access cost-transparent, direct pay care.

See more of the benefits of a direct pay model of healthcare. 

For Patients

Benefits of Digital Healthcare

  • Affordable
  • Cost-transparent
  • Pay as-you-go
  • Digital healthcare
  • Convenient
  • Better experience
  • As needed healthcare
  • Insurance plans can cost more than the actual care
  • Smart-phone connection to providers
  • No profiteering middlemen and gatekeepers
  • Bypass the self-serving insurance rules and regulations
  • No more restrictions to access and care
  • No pre-existing exclusions
  • No non-covered services
  • No referrals or authorizations needed
  • Bypass insurance plans’ monitoring your usage of health services
  • Cost comparison
  • One global fee
  • No copays, deductibles or coinsurance needed
  • Choice of providers
  • See doctor reviews
  • No long on-hold times waiting to schedule an appointment with indifferent personnel
  • Easy check-in at physicians practice
  • Ability to message
  • Reclaim your independence
  • Just you and your doctor
  • Your body, your rules

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For Employers

Benefits of Digital Healthcare

  • Limit expenditure on ever-increasing costs for health insurance plans
  • Limit exposure to Government and IRS scrutiny with tax-assisted health plans
  • Limit costs for legal and Human Resources
  • Limit wrangling with health insurance companies
  • Limit the jumping over pointless self-serving health insurance rules
  • Bypass the profiteering middlemen that don’t improve health
  • No need for tiering of health benefits into different price classes
  • Limit need to self-insure
  • Limit job-lock so employees don’t have to stay just for benefits
  • Encourages employees to budget and manage routine health needs
  • Encourages employees to adopt better lifestyle choices
  • Encourages consumer-directed care
  • Encourages cost-transparent care
  • Cut health benefits costs by realigning with more affordable health insurance plans that could be designed for universal catastrophic coverage – but not passed off to private companies to “manage” healthcare for profit-making and, at your expense

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For Doctors and Providers

Benefits of Digital Healthcare

  • Consumer-driven digital healthcare
  • Direct patient-doctor connection
  • No profiteering middlemen and so-called gatekeepers
  • Bypass the gaming of healthcare by insurance companies
  • Bypass endless self-serving insurance rules and regulations
  • No signing of one-sided insurance contracts
  • No insurance-based price controls and so-called allowables
  • No need for time-wasting patient benefits verification
  • No pointless diagnostic and billing coding requirements
  • No arbitrary down-coding
  • No need for referrals and authorizations
  • No need for third party limitations and exclusions to access and care
  • Less scheduling costs
  • Set your own global fees
  • Fast payment
  • Less billing costs
  • Less collection costs
  • No need to refile claims, wait for claims review or pursue lost claims
  • No peer review
  • No chart audits
  • Less overhead costs
  • Less non-care time
  • Quality control control through feedback loops
  • Pricing increases in physicians’ control and a function of reputation
  • Direct pay does not involve the Medicare merit-based incentive payment system and payment adjustments. And, plays no part in arbitrary performance scores that are seen on the CMS compare website
  • No insurance scheme telling you how to practice medicine
  • Less physician burnout
  • Reclaim your independence. Less friction, better margins
  • Just you and the patient

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