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When cash price care beats insured price

Self payHealth insurance plan
Cost of care$155/avg. cost/visitmonthly premiums co-pays deductibles
No hidden costsChecked box706700EA-A9D3-49B7-9D3A-778E8410C302
No referralsChecked box706700EA-A9D3-49B7-9D3A-778E8410C302
No network rulesChecked box706700EA-A9D3-49B7-9D3A-778E8410C302
No surprise billsChecked box706700EA-A9D3-49B7-9D3A-778E8410C302
Zero premium increasesChecked box706700EA-A9D3-49B7-9D3A-778E8410C302
Total Cost/Year for 4 Visits $620 Big Savings Few Hassles$5,472 individual plan plus copays, deductibles & non-covered services High Costs Many Hassles

Lower medical costs when you self pay for routine care

Why pay more for a health insurance plan than for the cost of the services you receive? Move to high-deductible plans for unlikely major medical needs. Don't be overinsured, overruled and overpay. We work with hand-picked doctors.

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Patientspatient-testimonial"I was tired of paying for a health plan and then also paying for my care with deductibles, copays, and non-covered services." - James, Coral Springs
Employersemployer-testimonial"My business could hardly make a profit after paying for health benefits. With HEALTHdrum my employees have unrestricted access to affordable routine care." - Jessica, Ft. Lauderdale
Providersprovider-testimonial"I wish our various medical groups, organizations and societies had done more to preserve the doctor-patient relationship. HEALTHdrum at least, gives us a fighting chance to reclaim our profession." - Dr. W. Klassen, Aventura
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