Why spend hundreds of dollars on health plans for routine care coverage only to pay for it yourself with copays, deductibles and non-covered services, and be told who you can see and what you can have done? Save your money and consider only high-deductible plans for unlikely catastrophic events. Pay for routine care yourself. Don’t be over insured, overpay and controlled.

Why let your health plan play doctor? 

Healthcare is unnecessarily price-opaque and costly. Two thirds of all the healthcare delivered in the U.S. is office-based or outpatient, generally affordable and doesn’t need to be covered or controlled by the health insurance industry. To control access and delivery of routine care the health insurance industry spends $840 billion dollars on administration services. Sadly, not only has the health insurance industry monopolized healthcare and trapped the medical profession to work in servitude but they have failed to improve overall health. 

Cut the cord and see the benefits of cash price, self pay for routine care needs.

  • No annual premiums and plan price hikes
  • No copays or deductibles
  • No surprise bills
  • No pre-existing or non-covered issues
  • No enrollment periods
  • No network rules
  • No non-medical intermediaries deciding on authorizations/approvals for testing and treatments
  • No gatekeepers and middlemen
  • Choose the doctor you want to see
  • Be in control of your healthcare needs

The healthcare public could save large amounts of money by paying for routine care and leaving health insurance plans to cover only major medical or catastrophic care. With this prescription you will have consumer-directed care, healthcare decision-making autonomy and save money by not being over-insured. 

Visit our healthcare community https://healthdrum.com/ and pay only for the care you need. Consumer-directed care – your body, your rules.

Find self pay doctors and clinics near me for cost-transparent routine care.

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Written by HEALTHdrum