The costs for routine healthcare have ballooned out-of-sight.  The root of the problem is the fee-for-service business model and unnecessary coverage of generally affordable routine care needs. The current prescription for healthcare services is unsustainable for both the government and industry, regardless of any tax increases planned. Health insurance, if reserved for childbirth and catastrophic care needs only, could cover many more people.  Routine care healthcare services are either office-based or outpatient and generally affordable. A digital health platform connecting patients with doctors and cost-transparent services for routine care would allow market forces to control healthcare prices. Cost-transparency and direct pay in the cosmetic, weight-loss and infertility healthcare arenas have controlled costs and this process should be expanded for use in routine, non-emergency healthcare.

The value of digital healthcare for the patient is cost-transparency, choice and a 24/7 as-needed online availability. This platform is particularly valuable to those without health insurance like gig workers, part-time workers, the self-employed or, those who want to budget and manage their own healthcare needs and bypass the restrictions and costs of health insurance plans.

The value of digital healthcare for the employer is that they can cut health costs by having employees self pay for routine care needs and move health benefits options to high-deductible or true catastrophic care plans.

The value of digital healthcare for the physician/provider is fast payment, no claims review, no claims denial, no lost claims, no need for pre-authorizations or authorizations and, reduced billing and scheduling costs. Currently, physicians are dealing with 60-70% overhead expenses and drowning in a sea of pointless rules favoring the health insurance industry. Cut the red tape and middlemen. Reclaim your profession.

The greatest value of the digital health platform is the potential to cut the $840 billion dollars spent on administration services for routine care access and delivery.

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Written by HEALTHdrum