Employers spend about $20,000 per five member family for a year’s worth of health insurance coverage. However, after factoring in co-pays, deductibles, pre-existing exclusions and noncovered services most of their employees are paying for their day-to-day healthcare needs while their insurance plan commonly fails to kick in. Employers may get better value by focusing on high-deductible or true catastrophic care plans and allowing their employees to cover their own routine healthcare expenses through a cost-transparent healthcare marketplace site like www.HEALTHdrum.com  Below are some of the key benefits for employers of self pay for routine care.

  • Cut health insurance costs by moving health benefits to high-deductible plans or true catastrophic care plans
  • HSA/HRA/FSA contributions or alternatives help offset employee out-of-pocket healthcare expenses
  • HSA/HRA/FSA usage by employees incentivizes them to budget and manage routine healthcare costs
  • Consumer-directed care encourages the adoption of preventive care practices and healthy lifestyle choices
  • No controlling networks
  • No enrollment periods
  • Limits the wrangling and comparing of health plans that are confusing by design
  • Limits burdensome health plan rules
  • Abandons need for tiering of health benefits into different price classes
  • Bypasses the gatekeepers who don’t improve health
  • Part-time employees and gig workers get access to affordable, as-needed, cost-transparent care

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Written by HEALTHdrum