Gig workers, part-time workers and those in-between jobs commonly lack health  benefits. Although many see this as a disadvantage being free of health plan control and costs can be of great benefit.

The advantages of being free from health plan control.

The odds of a millennial needing major medical or catastrophic care is low. Routine office-based care is affordable and shouldn’t need health insurance coverage.

  • You control your care.
  • You pay only for what you need.
  • You choose who you want to see and what you want done.
  • Save big bucks on unnecessary coverage and being over-insured.
  • When you are in a position to afford health benefits consider a high-deductible plan for major medical or catastrophic care – not routine care.

The disadvantages of being controlled by a health plan.

  • You pay for routine care anyway with copays, deductibles and non-covered services along with the costly health insurance plan that fails to kick-in.
  • You are not in control.
  • Your doctor is a puppet on a string who has to get health plan OKs for every test  and treatment.
  • Non-medical intermediaries working for the health plan delay, ration or deny your care.
  • You only have  access to a narrow list of providers.
  • You are subject to inflated insurance-based pricing.
  • You are subjected to insurance-based rules.
  • Require referrals and authorizations for testing and treatment.
  • Get surprise bills.
  • Get yearly health plan cost increases.

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 Written by HEALTHdrum