At HEALTHdrum we have a customer-led organization with a simple purpose – creating a community where anyone, anywhere can connect with routine office-based or outpatient healthcare that’s both affordable and under your control.

HEALTHdrum’s purpose for healthcare consumers.

To support consumer-directed healthcare. We don’t have provider networks, tiered-pricing, copays, deductibles, annoying and inconvenient referrals or surprise bills. There are no pre-existing issues, non-covered conditions, artificial barriers or gatekeepers controlling your care. And, unlike health plans our cost of care is not based on age, zip code, sex, occupation or other discriminatory factors.

HEALTHdrum’s purpose for employers. 

To give employees alternatives to costly and rule-based health insurance plans covering routine care that have failed to improve overall health.

HEALTHdrum’s purpose for providers.

To give them a direct patient-provider connection and bypass the many troubling layers of inefficiency and bureaucracy that have only driven physician-practice overhead to 70 percent and promoted burnout. With HEALTHdrum you don’t have to deal with interfering non-medical intermediaries creating barriers and playing doctor.

HEALTHdrum’s mission is to reshape healthcare and help people connect directly with the caring community.

Visit Come join our healthcare community and discover how consumer-directed, self pay care can save you a bundle of money and put healthcare control back in your hands. 

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 Written by HEALTHdrum