Checking your blood pressure to make sure it’s a normal 120/80 is the easiest and simplest medical screening you can perform on yourself and, with the greatest upside.

High blood pressure is extremely common and leads to premature death, strokes, angina, heart disease, heart failure, aneurysm, dementia, peripheral vascular disease, vision loss and kidney failure. 

Ideally, you should own a scale to monitor your weight and a device to monitor your blood pressure several times per day till normalized and stable.

The two types of high blood pressure.

  • Primary (essential) and the most common.
  • Secondary due to an underlying medical cause and less common.

Self care ways to lower blood pressure.

  • If overweight, lose weight and get to your ideal weight for your height.
  • Exercise.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Lower salt intake
  • Be determined and persistent with the goal of normalizing your blood pressure.

Devices to lower blood pressure.

  • Zona plus.
  • Deep breathing devices.
  • Meditation.

Medications to lower blood pressure.

If despite your best efforts your blood pressure remains high you should schedule a visit with a physician. If no obvious cause is found for your high blood pressure physicians will consider one or more medications. Although thiazides are commonly prescribed they often lead to erection issues and an alternative drug should be considered. 

  • Hytrin or terazosin is a useful alpha-blocker and can be titrated upwards in small doses till your blood pressure has been normalized. It can also improve urinary flow.
  • If your blood pressure remains high despite an adequate dose of hytrin a second medication such as avapro or irbesartan can be added and titrated upwards till your blood pressure has been normalized. 

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Written by HEALTHdrum