Doctors and providers of medical services are drowning in a sea of healthcare rules and regulations favoring the health insurance industry. These unfair demands have forced providers to spend increasing amounts of time and money to abide by regulations that have failed to improve overall patient health and only helped increase the insurance industry’s profits. Don’t let health plans play doctor at your expense.

Here are the benefits of a direct pay, self pay healthcare marketplace for providers.

  • Direct patient-doctor connection
  • Bypass one-sided insurance contracts
  • No gatekeepers 
  • Bypass endless self-serving insurance rules and regulations
  • No insurance-based price controls and so-called allowables
  • No need for patient benefits verification
  • No diagnostic or treatment coding requirements
  • No arbitrary down-coding
  • No fee discounting
  • No unbundling
  • No need for referrals and authorizations
  • No non-medical intermediaries determining whether or not testing or treatment is “allowed”
  • Lower scheduling costs
  • Set your own global fees
  • Fast payment
  • No claims review
  • Lower billing costs
  • No need to refile claims or pursue lost claims
  • No peer review
  • No chart audits
  • Lower overhead 
  • Less non-care time
  • Less burnout 

Visit to see how joining our healthcare community can get you better margins and lower overhead – don’t be controlled or over-ruled by non-medical intermediaries working for health plans. 

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Written by HEALTHdrum