Doctors need to reclaim their profession and get out from under the boot of the health insurance industry. Sadly, healthcare is totally dominated by the health insurance industry and its self-serving rules and pricing.

Routine office-based and outpatient care is generally affordable and doesn’t need to be covered by the insurance industry or be under the control of the government. Only self pay, customer-directed care will lead to market forces and cost control in the healthcare arena.

Practitioners feel the pain of trying to deliver care by:

  • being subjected to one-sided, take-it-or-leave-it health plan contracts.
  • network issues and “preferred” lists.
  • time-consuming verification of patient insurances.
  • being burdened with endless barriers to providing care.
  • dealing with non-medical gatekeepers for “authorizations”.
  • having to deal with pointless complex healthcare coding issues.
  • inputting many silly details into an electronic medical record system.
  • unnecessary claims review after submitting a bill for services.
  • being insulted with discounted and delayed payments.
  • being hit with staggering overhead costs of some 60-70 percent.
  • spending ever-increasing amounts of non-care time trying to practice medicine.
  • pointless and burdensome recertification requirements.

Self pay and direct pay healthcare.

Practitioners can reclaim their profession by making the self pay healthcare experience for routine care convenient and cost-transparent. When healthcare customers experience affordable self pay routine medical care they will shift from costly comprehensive health plans to less costly catastrophic care plans.

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