What is a CT scan?
CT scan or computerized tomography scan is an imaging technique that uses computers and x-rays to get detailed pictures of the body.

How long does a CT take?
The actual scan time is only about 15-30 minutes or so but you should plan for longer.
The patient lies on a motorized stretcher to move into the open or cylindrical scanner so a particular part of the body can be scanned. If IV contrast is required you may have an IV inserted into a vein.

What does a CT scan show?
CT scans show cross-sections of the body including organs, soft tissues and bones. As well, it shows abnormalities such as tumors or congenital defects.

How much does a CT scan cost?
CT scan costs vary between $250 to several thousands of dollars. The greatest costs come from CT scans done in hospitals or when using your health insurance plan. You can often save more than 80 percent of the cost of a CT scan when paying cash price at a free-standing imaging center. 

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