What is an MRI?
MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is an imaging technique that uses a magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to create detailed pictures of organs and tissues in your body.

How long does an MRI take?
The MRI scan is a painless process that lasts 15-90 minutes or so depending on the area of the body to be scanned and the number of images to be taken. The patient lies on a motorized stretcher to move into a short cylindrical scanner – head or feet first depending on the area of the body to be scanned. If contrast is required you may have an IV line inserted. Since the scanner produces strong magnetic fields all metal objects should be removed from the body.

What does an MRI show?
MRIs can help in the diagnosis of diseases, injury and response to treatments. It is especially useful for looking at soft tissues and the nervous system.

What does an MRI cost?
MRI costs vary widely but should be about $250-350 per region for cash price. MRIs usually cost far more when using your insurance plan or having it done in a hospital.
You commonly save 80 percent or more with cash price rates particularly, when having the MRI done in a free-standing imaging center.

By not using your insurance plan to get an MRI you often get big discounts and better service.

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