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Pricing Disclaimer
Last updated: July, 17 2023.The prices listed for services on are based on good faith estimates from the providers.The prices listed are not negotiable and available only to those who pay the entire amount according to the payment option you have selected. By not accepting insurance and its complicated rules and expenses, we make routine care more affordable and put healthcare decision-making back in your hands.The prices listed on this website for outpatient treatment centers commonly include the facility fee, the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee (if needed) and pathology (if needed) as well as uncomplicated follow-up care. The duration of included postoperative care is different for each surgical procedure. Your provider should inform you at the initial visit as to the amount of postoperative care that is covered by the price paid.A list of what is NOT included in the fee you paid is as follows:
  • Any additional tests or treatments based on the provider's findings at the initial or follow up visits.
  • Any diagnostic studies necessary prior to a treatment such as lab tests, imaging studies, consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Any implants or hardware necessary for completion of the procedure (eg plates and screws for orthopedic procedures). This price information will commonly be provided prior to surgery but only after the initial visit with the provider. Our providers know with almost certainty what will be needed to complete your surgery but reserve the right to modify or change the type of implant or hardware according to the conditions met. The cost of any hardware or implants will be provided to you at invoice cost without any markup whatsoever. Copies of the invoices will be provided to you.
  • Lodging and travel expenses are not included in the pricing of any services listed on HEALTHdrum.
  • Expenses or fees resulting from any complications subsequent to the completion of the treatment and discharge from the provider facility or outpatient centers. Expenses related to visits to other providers, facilities, urgent care centers, emergency rooms and hospitals, are also not included.
Declined, missed, late, incomplete or non-payments to HEALTHdrumIf HEALTHdrum is unable to collect your payment, HEALTHdrum will notify you of such and require you to complete the payment using an alternative Payment Method within 24 hours of the notice. If you fail to complete the payment, you authorize HEALTHdrum to cancel the booking on your behalf. A failure to complete a transaction on HEALTHdrum may result in dismissal from the platform.AuthorizationWhen you pay for a service using your bank account, you authorize us to debit your bank account up to the total amount of your purchase, including applicable taxes and fees. You also authorize us to further debit or credit your bank account to correct any erroneous debit, make necessary adjustments to your payment, or to issue a refund back to your bank account.For more details on Representations, Warranties, and Acknowledgements, please refer to our Website and Application Consumer Terms of Use (