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We want to make routine healthcare affordable and put control back in the hands of consumers and providers. Afterall, two thirds of all the healthcare delivered in the U.S. is either office-based or outpatient and generally affordable.Ask anyone how they feel about paying for an expensive health plan and then having to pay copays, deductibles, the non covered portion of your bill and dealing with restrictive networks. In fact, most people will tell you that they pay more for their care each year than is paid for by their plan. Our mission is to change that.We are building a platform where providers post costs for routine healthcare services so consumers have the freedom to access care without all the friction of micromanagement. Our goal is to create a convenient digital experience that puts patients and doctors first.
We believe in consumer directed care and giving providers the ability of working directly with their patients without intermediaries. This freedom and autonomy allows providers to do their best work and show everyone how they are valued.Furthermore, by working together directly everyone benefits from convenient access and we save the billions of dollars wasted on noncare administrative services and physician practice overhead.

HEALTHdrum’s Mission

To reshape healthcare and help people connect directly with the caring community

The Team

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Bert VorstmanCo-Founder & CEOBert Vorstman BSc, MD, MS, FAAP, FRACS, FACS is a team leader at HEALTHdrum. Formerly a faculty member at the University of Miami whose NIH sponsored research was honored with a Master of Surgery diploma, Bert spent years as a practicing urologist in Coral Springs, Florida. Out of a sense of duty, he has guided countless patients with blog posts and no charge consultations on He is passionate about consumer directed care and helping physicians reclaim their profession from endless profiteering middlemen. Bert and his wife live in Coral Springs with family and grandchildren close by. Bert likes to travel back home to New Zealand to enjoy its wild outdoors and natural beauty.
David HartmannCo-Founder & CTODavid Hartmann, CSM, CTO of HEALTHdrum is a graduate of FAU with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has architected platforms and innovative technology solutions for startups and enterprises in a variety of industries combining APIs and cutting-edge technologies, such as AR, IoT, and Blockchain. His mission is to streamline the process of bringing innovative ideas to life. In his past, he has worked as a senior developer on a variety of projects granting him a deep technical background and understanding. In the last years, he has led teams to multiple separate hackathon wins, at the Bitcoin Miami, eMerge Americas, and money20/20 hackathons.
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