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Cost Assurances
Last updated: July, 17 2023.
  • You will not receive bills from the provider or facility for the service you have paid for on this platform. Because we have eliminated insurances from the platform we do not collect copays or apply deductibles.
  • If by mistake you do receive bills from the provider or facility for a service you have already paid for on the HEALTHdrum platform you have a right to initiate a PPDR process.
  • The confirmation of your payment for the service requested does not represent an ongoing contract between you and the provider and or, the facility.
  • Additional recommendations made by the provider, or facility can be scheduled by the customer.
If you have any questions regarding the cost assurances, please contact us at:HEALTHdrum 6413 Congress Ave Suite 130 Boca Raton, FL 33487[email protected]