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Review the doctors and specialists for pet below to compare cash pay costs and book your appointmentThese costs are transparent, surprise-free, and commonly significantly cheaper than insurance-based pricing for the same service.No copay, no deductible, just you and the doctor.
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AkuminFt. Lauderdale, FL and 8 other locationsFrom our earliest beginnings, we’ve been focused on helping today’s modern healthcare consumers become more active participants in managing their health. To achieve this aim, we’re leveraging our combined clinical experience, with the latest advances in technology and information systems, to offer hospital-level expertise, within a local setting, via our accessible network of over 125 centers across 7 States.View All Services


PET Dose for PETCT Bone Scan$100PET Dose for PETCT Whole Body or Skull Base to Thigh (Oncology)$100PET AXUMIN$5375PET NEURACEQ$5500PET VIZAMYL$5500

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