Cutting Healthcare Costs for Employers

HEALTHdrum is an alternative to insurances by providing access to cost-transparent direct-pay medical treatments and services.


Routine office-based care is affordable and there is zero reason why day-to-day care should be covered by health insurance plans. Such coverage only drives up the cost of care unnecessarily. Furthermore, because of deductibles, co-pays and non-covered conditions employees are paying for most, if not all of their care anyway.

Over-insurance as well as unneeded care wastes billions of precious healthcare dollars each year. Our convenient cost-transparent digital healthcare marketplace product promotes as-needed, consumer-driven care.


  • Cut health costs by moving health benefits to high-deductible plans or true catastrophic care plans.

  • HSA contributions or alternatives help offset employee out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

  • HSA usage by employees incentivizes them to budget for and manage routine healthcare costs.

  • Customer-directed care encourages the adoption of preventive care practices and healthy lifestyle choices.

  • No controlling networks.

  • Limits the wrangling and comparing of health plans that are confusing by design.

  • Limits burdensome health plan rules.

  • Abandons need for tiering of health benefits into different price classes.

  • Bypasses the gatekeepers who don’t improve health.

  • Part-time employees get access to affordable, as-needed, cost-transparent care.

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HEALTHdrum provides a platform allowing customers to connect with providers and direct pay for routine health needs!

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