How it Works





How it Works

Dealing with high deductibles? Find discounts for great healthcare

Cash pay for routine healthcare. BIG SAVINGS and NO hassles. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


. Sign up.


. Make a choice.


. Pay the doctor.
woman hearing about cash pay healthcare for employees and gig workers
How it works for the uninsured and gig workers.Uninsured patients or gig workers log in with HEALTHdrum, connect with a provider and pay for as-needed routine health needs at the time of service.
How it works for employees and part time workers.Both employees with and without HSAs as well as part time workers can shop for the same affordable cost- transparent routine care.
How it works for employers.Employers can save on health benefit costs by offering employees only high-deductible plans and combining them with an HSA (health savings account). Employees use their HSAs and shop for affordable routine care and reserve the burdensome health insurance plan for costly and or, unlikely major medical events.
Cut health benefit expenses now
women employers struggling against insurance-based healthcare costsphysician in front of costly medical supplies and tired of working in servitude for the insurance industry
How it works for doctors and other providers.Doctors and other providers sign up with HEALTHdrum and then send us their costs for services. We post your costs for a direct provider-consumer connection. You win by cutting red tape, overhead and getting fast pay. Why work in servitude for the insurance industry so that they can profit from your expertise?
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Reshaping healthcare with cash pay for routine care needs.
1. Healthcare for less2. Discounts for great healthcare3. Healthcare price guide4. Smart healthcare shopping moves.
Outside of healthcare, almost no insurances cover routine expenses. Dealing with high deductibles? Find discounts for great healthcare Better pricing, better health.