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C. Low, MD

C. Low, MD

SPECIALTYPlastic surgery/cosmetics/aestheticsDr. Christopher Low is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with over ten years of surgical experience. As co-founder of CRS Plastic Surgery, he is a leading expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Low’s dedication to his profession is reflected in his outstanding care of his patients as well as keeping up with the latest medical advances. His compassionate and transparent demeanor instills trust between him and his patients. His top priority is to establish a relationship with his patients where open communication is paramount to ensure they feel comfortable discussing any questions and/or concerns regarding their surgical procedures.
New patient
Follow up
Applying pure pressurized oxygen to skin
Laceration repair on body
Laceration repair on face
Removal of lesion on body and repair
Steroid injection into finger
Removal of foreign body from hand
Removal of lesion from face and repair
Blepharoplasty repairs droopy eyelids
per syringe
per syringe