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Dr. M. Gendal

Dr. M. Gendal

SPECIALTYOptometryDr. Mark Gendal, OD is an optometrist in Coral Springs, FL. He graduated from State University Of New York (SUNY) College Of Optometry in 1980. His office accepts new patients.
Eye exam
Foreign body removal from eye
Refraction only
A cycloplegic refraction study is a more detailed eye exam
High resolution pictures of retina
Topography of the retinal pigment layers
A plano lens has no focusing power
Your field of vision
Small devices inserted in tear ducts to keep them open
A medical device to clean eyelid margins
A treatment device to unclog eyelid glands
Regular cataract surgery - includes surgeon, anesthesia and surgery center charges
For contact lenses
w/o topography
Product to increase length of eye lashes
natural product that helps clean eyelids
Agent to remove foreign material from eyelid
High resolution pictures of retina
Relieves red eyes
Heat wrap product
A natural product to clean eyelids
Oral supplement for eyes
Eye care product
Supplement to protect against macular degeneration
Pro re nata, as needed