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T. Singh, MD

T. Singh, MD

Coral Springs - Female
SPECIALTYFamily HealthCaring for patients the way I want myself and family to be cared for.
Initial visit.
Telemedicine-follow up..
General medical exam to address patient concerns
General examination to assess fitness for sports activities
Includes the PAP smear. Does not include cost of pathology.
Physical to determine fitness for surgery/anesthesia
An urgent visit to address concerns
An electrocardiogram checks the electrical activity of the heart
A pregnancy test checks the urine to see if that individual is pregant
Taking a blood sample from a vein using a needle and syringe
Removing ear wax by irrigation
Using liquid nitrogen to freeze warts.
Cutting and removing sutures.
A urine test to check for various medical disorders
Removing an intra-uterine device