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Write up and written report of evaluation-psychology.

The science and art of clinical psychology provides a unique, personal space for individuals to rely upon when it seems old methods of coping no longer suffice for current day stressors. Based on current, scientific research, a nonjudgmental and compassionate approach, and a natural intuitiveness and empathy, psychotherapy can help others to learn how to access their own, inner wise mind that is capable of tremendous strength and transformation when education, support, and genuine care are provided. I have been practicing clinical psychology for 18 years and provide psychodiagnostic evaluations and psychotherapy to individuals of all ages and cultures. My specialties include mood, anxiety, and trauma related disorders, personality and psychotic spectrum disorders, neurodevelopmental/neurocognitive disorders, and grief. My intent in being a psychologist is to serve another human being who is struggling with life's changes in the most honest, genuine way possible with my clinical skills, ongoing psychological education, and building a strong therapeutic alliance between myself and an individual in need. I look forward to helping in any way I can.View Margaret Stewart, Psy.D