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Follow up visit - Ob/Gyn established patient - w/o PAP
Without PAP
Initial or new patient visit - urology
$290 - $300
A new patient visit is the initial appointment undertaken by a patient with health concerns. The purpose of this visit is to address relevant health concerns and possibly order studies to come up with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. On this platform any new health concern will be deemed a new patient visit.
Follow up visit or established patient - urology
$100 - $190
A follow up visit is a visit to usually the same doctor with whom you had your initial or new patient visit and, within a certain time frame and for the same original complaint. This meeting serves to review the management and progress of the health concerns you had at the initial visit.
Initial well visit - Ob/Gyn with PAP smear
$200 - $280
Initial well visit
Initial visit - Ob/Gyn for particular problem
Initial visit
Follow up visit - Ob/Gyn established patient - w/ PAP
$150 - $260
With PAP