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Urologists are trained in the medical and surgical treatment of kidney, bladder, male infertility and genital problems. You would see them for any urinary troubles, stone passage, erection and other men’s health issues.
Initial or new patient visit - urology
$290 - $300
A new patient visit is the initial appointment undertaken by a patient with health concerns. The purpose of this visit is to address relevant health concerns and possibly order studies to come up with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. On this platform any new health concern will be deemed a new patient visit.
Follow up visit or established patient - urology
$100 - $190
A follow up visit is a visit to usually the same doctor with whom you had your initial or new patient visit and, within a certain time frame and for the same original complaint. This meeting serves to review the management and progress of the health concerns you had at the initial visit.
Telemedicine - new patient - urology
$295 - $350
Telemedicine uses technology to connect patients with providers for comonly, routine concerns. Cost per time may vary.
A medical sterilization procedure for men who are sure they don't want a future pregnancy.
Uroflow max
Urinary flow test
Urodynamic test - urology
$660 - $750
Urodynamics is a pressure/flow study of the bladder to see how well it holds urine and how well it releases urine. It gives a clue as to how well the bladder muscles and nerves are working and the study is often done on patients complaining of flow and or leakage troubles. The study takes a few minutes and involves the use of a small catheter inserted into the bladder for filling as well as the use of surface electrodes which are applied to the skin near the anus.
Cystoscopy - urology +/- stretch/stent removal or bladder biopsy
$350 - $425
Cystoscopy is usually an office procedure done under topical anesthesia. A narrow telescope is inserted down the urethra to examine the inside of the bladder to evaluate urinary bleeding or other urinary conditions. The cystoscopy is commonly done under camera-control and for women the scope maybe rigid while for men it is typically flexible. A slight stretch of the urethra may be required before the instrument can be inserted. Cystoscopy is also used to biopsy an area of the bladder wall or to remove a stent from the ureter.
Penile warts - removal
Foreskin reduction
Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis after retraction and swells. Left untreated it can become gangrenous. The paraphimosis can be treated by puncturing the swollen skin to reduce swelling and then pulling back the skin over head of penis to its normal position. Sometimes cutting is needed.
Excision of penile lesion
Removal of penile skin lesion