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Pathology is a medical specialty that focuses on the study of diseases and their underlying causes, mechanisms, and effects on the human body. Pathologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing diseases by examining tissues, cells, bodily fluids, and other specimens collected from patients. Pathology plays a critical role in understanding the nature of diseases, guiding treatment decisions, and advancing medical research.
Pathology interpretation/report for vasectomy
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Vasectomy report.
Pathology interpretation/report for skin or prostate per biopsy sample
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Skin or prostate biopsy interpretation.
Pathology interpretation/report for breast biopsy
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Breast biopsy interpretation.
Special stains
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Special stains to identify certain cell types.
Immunoperoxidase stain/first antibody
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Immunoperoxidase stain/each additional antibody
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Is a type of immunostain.
Fungal cultures/mycology plates
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Growing fungus on culture plates.
Fungal identification
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Identifying fungus.
PAP smear/thin prep
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From cervix.
Biopsy reading/general screening of specimen
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H&E staining