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Endocrinology is a medical specialty that focuses on the study and management of the endocrine system and the hormonal imbalances that can lead to various health conditions. The endocrine system consists of a complex network of glands that produce hormones, which are chemical messengers that regulate many physiological processes in the body. Endocrinologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders related to hormones and the endocrine system.
Initial visit - endocrinology
New patient visit.
Follow up visit - endocrinology
Follow up visit
Telemedicine initial visit - endocrinology
Telemedicine follow up visit - endocrinology
Telemedicine-follow up.
Thyroid ultrasound-endocrinology.
Thyroid ultrasound.
Thyroid biopsy - Endocrinology
Needle biopsy of thyroid.
Interpretation of patient's own glucose sensor-endocrinology.
Glucose level interpretation.
Insertion of office sensor and interpretation-endocrinology.
Glucose monitoring.
Nutrition/wellness groups-endocrinology..
One hour.
Nutrition/wellness groups - six hours-endocrinology
Nutrition/wellness studies.