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Ob/Gyn - Women’s Health

Ob/Gyn - Women’s Health

Obstetrics/gynecology doctors are trained in the medical and surgical treatment of pregnancy, delivery and other women’s health concerns. You would see them for issues concerning periods, prolapse, urinary leakage and female sexual and infertility problems.
Initial well visit - Ob/Gyn with PAP smear
$200 - $280
Initial well visit
Initial visit - Ob/Gyn for particular problem
Initial visit
Pelvic floor therapy
Cervical biopsy/polypectomy
$125 - $275
Removal of cervical polyp
Hysteroscopy D&C
Along with dilation and curettage (D&C)
Hysteroscopy diagnostic
Inspection of the uterine cavity with a telescope
Endocervical curettage
Endocervical scraping
Incision/drainage vulva/perineal abscess - Ob/Gyn
Drainage of vulvar abscess
Injection - gardisil - Ob/Gyn
A vaccine to prevent certain papilloma viruses
Incision/drainage of Bartholin's abscess - Ob/Gyn
Drainage of Batholin's abscess