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Self Care Test Kit

A self-care test kit, also known as a home test kit or self-testing kit, is a package that contains the necessary tools and instructions for individuals to perform certain medical tests on themselves in the comfort of their own homes. These kits are designed to provide convenience and accessibility for individuals who want to monitor their health, track specific health parameters, or screen for certain conditions without visiting a healthcare facility.
Alcohol and drug tests
Alcohol and drug tests measure levels of alcohol and drugs in a subject.
Allergy test kit
An allergy test kit detects sensitivity to various agents.
Blood pressure monitor
A blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure.
Cancer test kit
A cancer test kit checks for the likelihood of a particular cancer.
Cholesterol test kit
A cholesterol test kit measures cholesterol level.
DNA test kits
DNA test kits evaluate DNA for certain disease risks.
Fertility test kit
Fertility kits are available to assess women's or men's levels of fertility.
Food sensitivity test kit
The food sensitivity test kit measure sensitivities to foods.
HIV test kit
An HIV test kit determines whether thre are antibodies to HIV.
Infertility test kit
A test kit to determine if have normal or low sperm count.