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Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Family doctors are medical or osteopathic healthcare specialists who provide general care for medical conditions. They manage common acute and chronic healthcare concerns and also oversee preventive care.
Initial visit
$149 - $156
Initial visit.
Follow up visit
$100 - $150
Follow up visit.
Telemedicine - initial-family practice.
Telemedicine - follow up-family practice.
$49 - $115
Telemedicine-follow up..
Physical exam-family medicine.
$149 - $200
General medical exam to address patient concerns
Hospital visit-family medicine.
Going to visit a patient in hospital.
Urine analysis
A urine test to check for various medical disorders
Ear wax removal - single ear
$50 - $69
Removing ear wax by irrigation
Ear wax removal - both ears
Removing ear wax.
Follow up visit-family medicine