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Internist/ internal medicine

An internist, also known as an internal medicine physician, is a medical doctor who specializes in internal medicine—a field focused on the comprehensive care and treatment of adults. Internal medicine physicians are equipped to diagnose and manage a wide range of medical conditions that affect various organ systems and overall health.
Initial/new patient visit - Internist
$221 - $225
New patient visit/evauation.
Followup/established patient visit - Internist
$115 - $150
Follow up visit.
Telemedicine - initial/new paitient - Internist
Telemedicine-initial evaluation.
Telemedicine - followup/established patient visit - Internist
$115 - $150
Telemedicine-follow up.
Venipuncture/blood taking - Internist
Blood stick-internist.
Hospital visit - Internist
Hospital visit.
Spirometry - Internist
Lung function assessment, both amount and speed during inhaling and exhaling.
EKG - Internist
Physical - Internist
Physical exam.