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Providers offering: Special Stains
Lauderdale Pathology
Lauderdale PathologyPompano Beach, FLA person’s health affects every aspect of their life, and at Lauderdale Pathology, we are committed to helping patients achieve the highest quality of life possible. We deliver a range of services to assist in making that possible. The staff at Lauderdale Pathology are professional and courteous, dedicated to putting the client’s needs first because we care about them.View All Services
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Special stains$000
Broward Medical Lab
Broward Medical LabOakland Park, FLBML, is a boutique laboratory that has served the podiatry community since 1980. Many podiatrists have come to rely on BML to help provide patients with a fast and accurate diagnosis. BML uses state of the art technologies such as a vast library of IHC stains, and Molecular Diagnostics for the detection of many different disease states. Our quality standards include not only the highest level of technologies but also departmental reviews for all challenging cases to ensure the highest level of accuracy and consistency in results at no additional cost. Our level of expertise allows for the diagnosis of difficult cases where other laboratories may report an atypical diagnosis. BML plays a vital role in the healthcare community by offering a wide spectrum of testing to provide the definitive diagnosis that are relied on to stage and treat patients efficiently and in a timely manner.View All Services
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Special stains-PAS/GMS/Gram/Acid Fast$000

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